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Money, Money, Money!

Teesdale Operatic Society is a CIC (Community Interest Company) which means that any money we make goes straight back into the pot to put on more shows. We have been very lucky to have received grant funding from Durham County Council and the Teesdale Action Partnership, but it doesn't cover the costs involved. We fully believe that finance shouldn't be a barrier to the Arts, but it is a fine balance between what we need and what to charge. Here's a list of the costs involved. 

  • Rehearsal room hire

  • Show licence and royalty payments

  • Hire of the music and libretto for the cast and band

  • Costume, make-up, props, set

  • Lighting & sound

  • Marketing

  • Paying the live band

  • Musical Director fee

  • Fixed costs of insurance, website, NODA membership

If you or a business you know are able to donate to our rolling funds then we would be incredibly grateful. Just click the donate button above. 

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